Fresh Quilting: Series 200 DVD

Fresh Quilting: Series 200 DVD

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All 13 episodes of Fresh Quilting series are now available on 4-disc DVD sets. Join experts who appeared on the show for project instructions and tutorials on tools and techniques for creating compelling modern quilt designs.

Fresh Quilting Series 200 features today’s most innovative modern quilters who reinterpret traditional techniques with a fresh, modern aesthetic. Learn how to give a fresh twist to traditional designs and create memorable, high-impact quilts with avant-garde color palettes and negative space. Manipulate familiar shapes in new ways to add dynamic energy to the timeless art of quilting. Create your own compelling modern quilt designs– with Fresh Quilting.

Artists appearing on Series 200 –Rebecca Kemp Brent, Christina Cameli, Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill,  Miriam Coffey, Violet Craft,  Krista Fleckenstein, Yvonne Fuchs,  Heather Grant, Anna Maria Horner, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Samarra Khaja, Riane Menardi, Nicole Neblett, Luana Rubin, Sylvia Schaefer, Sarah Sharp, Carole Lyles Shaw, Anne Sullivan and Karen Womack,

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DVD is universal to all regions and close captioned.